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Do you have concerns about your existing first aid service?

You can enjoy the ease and convenience of professional first aid kit restocking at your place of business.

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 Enjoy Friendly, Dependable & Personalized service.

No Overstocking.  

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Did You Know?

Harvard Business Review published a study about employees who come to work but are “out-of-it” because of seasonal colds and allergy, back or joint pain, headache, upset stomach etc. The name they gave this is “Presenteeism” The findings are that 13% of your workforce is distracted by issues such as these and they lose 4.6 Hours of productivity per week! This off-the-books loss is said to exceed the loss from Absenteeism.

The annual loss of productivity is $61.2 Billion Dollars.

Calculate your monthly loss:

Enter Number of Employees=   __________

x 13% = __________

x 4.6 hours/week  __________

x 4 weeks per month __________, 

 X average hourly wage = $ ____________

 = Your Monthly Loss in Productivity


Also, distracted employees make more mistakes and have more accidents.

Adding approved medicines to your First Aid Cabinet will save your company money by relieving the distraction of pain and discomfort of employees,  AND the increased productivity will ...

Pay for your First Aid Service cost many times over!

OSHA/ANSI DOES NOT prohibit medicines in your cabinet!